Succesfully done winter survival seminar

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The precise measurements made by the well known village store Dacko 56 ™, showed that during this seminar the air temperature was between 1 and 5 degrees Celsius. The minimal temperature was at the times of passing the river, while the maximal was around 13.00 hours.

Certainly, because of the desire to master the survival skills in winter conditions, the attendants of today`s seminar weren`t reluctant to finish it because of the harsh weather conditions.

There were 15 students of Bujinkan Macedonia on this seminar, as well as a journalist and a photo-reporter from „Life Magazine“, who showed interest for our work and will write a report on it in their February issue. We would like to extend our congratulations to the reporters who managed to stay for more than three hours (out of eight) following us through different terrains.

The seminar started by mastering the technique of passing rivers with increased water-flow. Kriva river showed it`s teeth on this occasion. The river`s source is located in the high and snowy mountains, was so cold, that after mere few meters we weren`t able to feel out feet and legs anymore.

Afterwards, the students learned ways to build a winter hideout and light a fire by rubbing stones together. The hideout was built in about 20 minutes, and we managed to light the fire although the ground and air were moist.
After mastering this technique, the members of Bujinkan Macedonia, departed for the location called Sm`kneno, where instructor Dovezenski held a short lecture about getting drinking water in winter conditions. Afterwards, there was a taijutsu training (unarmed combat), buki mamori buki (weapon versus weapon), as well as techniques for fighting in a formation, with spear and sword.

After this event was over, each of the attendants was satisfied with what they learned, and by the things they said, they can barely wait for the next seminar in February, themed: Yarijutsu (spear-fighting techniques).