We survived

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26072010070708Pre2.jpgFrom a total of eight students attending this year’s Survival, seven of them “survived”. Four of these were veterans, having 4 Survival seminars behind them, while the rest were “newbies”. One of them quit during the first day,  but still, he acquired a great experience which will help him handle himself better during the crises that come up during this seminar. 

The first day began standardly, with a physical training (junan undo and atemi no tanren). Afterwards, we began building a camp, followed by a strong march to a different location, where we held Kenjutsu and Shuriken keiko, which ended with oral transmission (kuden). The day ended with a training dedicated to the development of the sixth sense (haragei). As usual, sitting on the behind was forbidden during both days.
Those with guarding duties, made sure that everything went all right during the night.

The next day began with Kenjutsu, before even the sun rose. We greeted the first rays of the sun by training techniques with Bokken, striking and blocking the strikes of our “enemies”. Afterwards, we marched on to S’mkneno, where we regained our strength by meditating under a rock carved by a waterfall during the winter, as we do every year. We continued the practice, first taijutsu, afterwards with Bo Shuriken.

26072010070650Pre1.jpgOnce this was over, we “threw” ourselves to camp-setting duties, and cleared paths towards the southern part of the camp. With this successfully finished, once again we set off for the “Stari Lozja” location, where we cleaned and straightened up the holy cross dedicated to St. Tripun. In 13.00, during the second day, for the first time it was allowed to sit on the behind, by which we started the traditional “time-wasting”, which was used for a few short oral transmissions (kuden). At 16.00 hours, the seminar was over.

This year, it became obvious that after three Survival seminars, our veterans have no problem handling any kind of conditions or
26072010070739Pre4.jpgpressure. They almost showed no signs of fatigue for the duration of the seminar. From the beginners, Katerina D. showed great results and successfully passed her first Survival seminar. We also congratulate Dragan H. and Goran M., who unlike last year, succeeded in “surviving” this year, by which they proved that persistence always pays off in the end.

We hope that  next year, more of our students will attend this seminar and succeed in passing this test.