That day is here again… Survival!

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Traditionally, as every year before, came the day when we have a chance to test our abilities and skills in practice:

Survival in the outdoors!
Two hellish days, far from civilization, without food, water (only one and a half liters for both days), clothing and hygiene items. Two days of training, meditation and bare survival. 

Location: S`mkneno (26 km. to the nearest city and hospital / desert-like conditions)

Time: 24th and 25th of July, 2010

Departure: Saturday at 07.00 AM

Return: only God knows

Allowed equipment: sleeping bag, military uniform (pants and shirt), one t-shirt, cap, a pair of underwear (comfortable), one pair of socks, rope, knife, a bottle of one and a half liters (filled with water) and training weapons you can and want to bring with you.

Important: it is forbidden to have extra food, water or anything not mentioned in the list above. Before we start the seminar, each of us will be checked for these.

Most important: this seminar is meant only for tough guys and girls. The training conditions are real hard – accompanied by iron discipline. All those that do not feel psychologically and physically ready for hell and aren’t ready to kill their own ego, should not come to this seminar. Allowed water for the two days: 1.5 liters. Keep in mind that the temperature of the air can get as high as 45 degrees Celsius. It is forbidden to sit on your behind during the seminar (both days). Only three hours of sleep, training for the rest of the time.

p.s. It is forbidden to complain, make excuses and whine during the seminar.