Interview with Igor Dovezenski for the “Dnevnik” Daily

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this “crazy” world every girl, woman, has to know a way of self-defense
in order to be able to handle attackers at least. One of your girl
students told me that you are about to organize a course where part of
these skills will be taught. What are you going to offer at this course?

will offer a concept that is checked and efficient for hundreds of
years. At the course we wouldn’t teach only physical but mental
techniques of self-defense as well. It includes the preparation of the
mind for a crisis situation, when the woman’s integrity in any sense is
endangered.  Besides that, the course is designed to be applicable to
real situations such as defense from an attacker with or without
weapon, when the attacker attacks with arms or legs, with frontal or
attack from the back, when he places the victim on the ground, etc.
But, the most important is that the participants will learn how not to
involve in the situation to be attacked. This comes as a result of the
mind techniques.

Do the women who are not in good physical condition can use these skills, having in mind they have a slower body reactions?

that are taught in our dojo do not have anything in common with sports.
Our members do not train to earn medals at contests. The skills we
learn are designed to react on the situations when our life is in
danger. It means they can be used by old and young, slim and fat, no
limits for that. The people, with their weak will and big ego put
limits to themselves.

How much women here are interested for participation at this kind of courses?

would like to know the answer to this question as well. Having in mind
that this is a first course of this kind, I can not predict anything.
But, even if one woman signs for the course I would be happy to share
part of my knowledge. If I can help only one person to get the
knowledge that sometimes might be useful, the mission is accomplished.
On the other hand, I can tell you how much women are interested to be
part of our school, on the regular training sessions, and the answer is
that lately their number is increasing.

How the women who passes the course are brave to use the techniques?

is noting to do with bravery. Bravery cannot be taught. It is with us
from the birth, and is developed through the life and situations that
appear in it. Even those who are not brave will try to protect
themselves when their life is in danger, when the adrenalin raises.
This is the moment when the skills come on scene. But, as I said, it is
much more important to learn how not to involve in such a situation.

every martial art has its history and the place of origin, will you
tell us more about the women self-defence and its origin?

is no separate martial art that is designed especially for women. But
in some of the old Japanese martial arts, such as Togakure Ryu Ninpo,
there is one segment of it – Kunoichi Jutsu, which was taught by the
women warriors in the feudal Japan.
Besides the fact they should have get familiar with all the physical
techniques of the men, women warriors were asked to learn sciences like
psychology, philosophy and medicine, in order to be efficient in the
fight against their enemies. This is the place from where we, the
representatives of this martial art for Macedonia, get the techniques for the course.

Is it difficult to comprehends these techniques and skills, and what are they based on?

would not be honest if I say it is easy. Every success is based on a
lot of work and sweat, I should say. Members of our school understands
this martial art as a way of life, and therefore it is not difficult
for them to comprehend the techniques. When you involve a great amount
of love in what you do, there are no difficulties at all. For us, it is
usual to train four times a week and we enjoy it, and if somehow we
miss a training we start to feel a kind of “ill”. Techniques taught on
the course are based on fast and sudden reaction, deception, as well as
unexpected reactions from the victim.

What are the predispositions women should possess in order to be able to participate on the course?

only condition is to feel healthy. They should “arm” with positive
thoughts, to have a honest hearth and an open mind. No predispositions
are necessary.

Would it be any possibility for the interested people to join a course where they would get a deeper knowledge on these skills?

door of our school is constantly open for everybody who have a will to
learn more about the Japanese classic martial arts. The submission is
during the whole year.

Is there a need to fulfil some kind of submission form?

The form is fulfilled at the beginning of the course, when already in the school.

Is there a limit on how many people are allowed to join?

there is. The limit is set because of only one reason, and that would
be that all the participants in the course to get sufficient attention
from the teacher. The training in a smaller group is always more
efficient. But, if there are more that 20 women who would like to take
the course, we would be happy to organise one more course for them.

Who are the teachers on the course?

As a main Bujinkan Dojo instructor for Macedonia, I will lead the course. With additional help from my students Bojana Grunevska and Marko Opachich.

In case there are more interested than the limit allows, is there a possibility to repeat the course?

course. If there are many interested we would organise another one.
But, we plan an upper level as well, in which the use of everyday items
that can be found in a woman’s handbag, will be taught.