The third in the row “Shinobi Taiso” seminar in the Skopje dojo has been held

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Shidoshi Igor Dovezenski held the third in a row “Shinobi Taiso” seminar in the Skopje dojo of Bujinkan Macedonia. Besides the members of the Organization “Taiyou e no Michi”, in the event also took part professors from the Natural-Mathematical Faculty from Skopje, as well as students of medicine from the University “Saint Kiril and Metodiy”. 
The twenty participants in the event had the opportunity  to learn in detail the techniques for managing the pain in the lower part of the back, but the rest of the body was not left out, including  the shoulders, elbows, as well as the joints of the arms. 
Right after the event, sempai Todor Angelovski published his impressions of the event on the internet Forum of Bujinkan Macedonia. 
“This was the third seminar on the topic of ‘Shinobi Taiso’ that was held in Skopje. I have been part of all of them and I remember the techniques quite well. Before the first event of this type was held, Sensei held a lecture in the barracks at NMF, somewhere in December of 2011. That was after his injury, and he talked about  recovery and the reasons for the creation of this system. 
The first seminar was held in January, 2012, in the gym of the school ‘Brother’s Miladinovci’ and it was introduction to the system through the presentation of different exercises. The second events was in November, 2015, and the topic was ‘Junan Taiso’ meaning techniques of stretching the body. And then Sensei presented us with a lot of new exercises, he also of stretching the body. And then Sensei presented us with a lot of new exercises, he also taught us about muscle balance, as well as the great importance of stretching the body. 
The day before yesterday, the number of excurses was smaller, but they were taught with attention to detail and to the highest professional level. Problems with ‘hiperlordosis’ and ‘hipolordosis’ were worked through in detail, as well as ways of prevention and healing of the same. But I have to point out that although the topic is always the same, each seminar brings different information and techniques. Each and every one of us can gain some minimal level of knowledge that he can use to help himself. Not to mention how useful this is for the members who have chosen to specialize this system and visit the intense seminar for Shinobi Taiso in the Homby Dojo. I am glad for those who took interest and are improving  themselves in this  field. As Sensei often says, he who is regular and attends for long enough in the dojo, will learn a lot and will accumulate a great store of knowledge.