Another seminar has been held on the topic of: “Jissen Heiho – The Next Step”

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In the Skopje dojo of Bujinkan Macedonia, this Sunday another Jissen Heiho seminar was held , in which participated fifteen members of “Taiyou e no Michi”.
The event was actually a continuation of the December Jissen Heiho , and so it was logical that the subheading should read “The Next Step”.
Contrary to the previous event, when the instructor Dovezenski taught more about the poses of the body, as well as the basic punches and blocs with the arms and legs, this time combinations of already known techniques were practiced. 
For four entire hours, the members of the dojo mercilessly and relentlessly threw themselves at the training, and in the end everybody went home happy, knowing that their tehniaues have been elevated a level. 
The next seminar in the Skopje dojo will be on the topic of: Shinobi Taiso.