Winter Ninja Training was held – Means of Survival in Nature VII

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Yesterday the seventh in a row Winter Ninja Training was held during which the members of Bujinkan Macedonia had the opportunity to again study the ways of survival in nature during the coldest months of the year. 
The first six events were given to polishing the skills for managing in a forest in the winter months, while from this year the instructor Igor Dovezenski started the new cycle of lectures about the skills of winter survival in hilly terrain meaning regions. 
Because of the specificity of the seminar, because we think that they can only be felt through direct participation, but that’s why we will transmit the impressions of kohai Taki Gakovski which he published on our internet Forum.
“One more great adventure in the annals of the martial artists from Bijinkan Macedonia.
The weather served us perfectly, all though we didn’t wish for it. It was warm for the majority of the day, and the cold joined us only near the end of the seminar. But that was probably because of the good location for camping and training, chosen by  Sensei.
It was marvelous to see the golden hills of Orlak, Elenac and Lipac, which this time  were covered in snow. I finally escaped the fogs of Skopje. I was in a perfect place -with perfect people. 
After a long walk through the white hills, we arrived at the place where we were stationed. We immediately began with our work. Everybody had a task. I personally enjoyed in the weaving of the wooden walls of the sanctuary. My hands were ‘like grated’ and full of thorns, but that did not cause my mood to sour. After we finished the cottage, it looked amazing. The feeling when you entered can not be described with words.
When we were going back to the Hombu, we saw a rabbit running up the hills. Fast and unstoppable. The sky was clear and only one star lay upon it. Together with Shidoshi Ho Marko we came to the conclusion that that star in most likely the star of the Hombu Dojo. The one that shines the brightest and keeps it safe in cold winter nights.
To many people their favorite places are outside the borders of our country. Those are places that they can go to only once a year. And my favorite place is the Hombu Dojo, where we can go anytime we wish to. ‘Normal people’ spent yesterday in their warm homes, with coffee in front of their monitors. They can live through an adventure only through their screens. I love the seminars in nature and that’s why they are so important and significant because adventures are lived personally and only in reality!
Great thanks to Sensei for EVERYTHING.
One more story has been written in the histories of Bujinkan Macedonia”.