The seminar Jissen Heiho has been held

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Fifteen members of Bujinkan Macedonia took part in yesterdays “Jissen Heiho” seminar. Most of the them never before come in contact with this system of combat developed by shidoshi Igor Dovezenski , but their impressions after the seminar were on the highest possible level.
Because of the low external temperatures and the dynamic and furious training inside the dojo, the entire room was filled with moisture, and in certain moments the vapors from the bodies of the trainees lowered the visibility causing a curtain of tiny drops.    
During the event were practiced and trained the techniques of dakentaijutsu, jutaijutsu, ninpo ne vaza and shinobi taiso. Despite the powerful rhythm, at no time did the training lower its dynamic meaning all participants exsibited excellent will to improve their body and mind.
More information for Jissen Heiho —?here
Also, this was the 28th seminar this year and in “Taiyou e no Michi”, and the last one will be held next week.