A seminar has been held on the topic of: Shurikenjutsu

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Yesterday in the yard of the Homby Dojo of the Organization „Taiyou e no Michi“ a seminar was held on which the instructor Igor Dovezenski schooled his students on the ninjutsu skill of throwing metal blades, otherwise known under the name shuriken. 

On the seminar in attendance were nine members of Bujinkan Macedonia, but the majority of them were from the beginners group which is led by shidoshi-ho  Marko Opacik. After the seminar ended, he on the Forum of the dojo posted this text:
“This was my fiftieth seminar in nature and i can say that I enjoyed it amongst my students, but that for the first time i am satisfied by their efforts since i took over the beginner group in January, 2013. 
On the event there was six of them, and i expect them to volunteer in January for the ‘winter survival’. On those fifty seminars and almost ten years of my membership in the dojo, in attendance were a lot of kid. Some left, few stayed and in some way each chose his own way. Some left with ’embedded’ warrior characteristics and traits, while some forgot what the dojo made out of them and for them. 
When i gather all the thought that pass in a few seconds through my mind, i understand how privileged and unique we are that are members of this dojo. 


Do you know how many kids grew up running through the leafs in the yard ? How many of them had their hearts warmed by the fireplace in the dojo ? Do you know that on those tatamis are laid all the pure souls of our youngest members and that for them there is no greater satisfaction that the chance to grow amongst true Warriors ?

My children, i need to tell you something. Today you got a ride with Sensei in his own vehicle, afterwards you trained a school which only a few clubs in the world know, you threw real shurikens  that you have only seen in movies. Are you aware how different you are from your peers ? Or that you are the future of our dojo ? That you have chosen the best path ? 

You trained exposed to the cold fall wind. All that knowledge gained in this way remains forever ‘stuck’ to You. Training inside the dojo and outside of it is not the same and i am glad that you felt that for a little bit. This today was a crucible for your character, endurance, patience, perseverance and fortitude.

I want to express my gratitude for Sensei for again ( as always ) maximally truing to convey all that he can in those few hours, and also for the new details about the techniques. On every seminar there is something new, something different, that has not been previously said and noted by us and in that lays all that beauty of the art”.