The Nage Waza seminar has been held

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Yesterday in the Skopje dojo of Bujinkan Macedonia, a seminar was held dedicated to the techniques of throwing the opponent ( Nage Waza).

During the event, shidoshi Dovezenski explained in minute detail all of the fazes that preclude the throw itself, beginning from the hold with the opponent ( Kumi Uchi ), and then to the throwing off balance ( Kuzushi ), and all to the moment when the opponent under the influence of several inter-playing forces starts to “lift off” from the ground. 
At the end of the seminar, the instructor Dovezenski taught the technique O Soto Guruma which provoked a strong reaction in the attendants, especially because this was their first encounter with this truly powerful throw. 
The next seminar will be on the subject of: Ne Waza ( Techniques of ground fighting ).