The Path of Shugenja VIII (Revival)

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By request of the members of Bujinkan Macedonia, after a three year break, the leader of the dojo Igor Dovezenski decided the revive the legendary feat „The Path of Shugenja“.

Shugendo is an ancient Japanese method of exploring the relations between man and nature. Literally translated, Shugendo means “Way of training and testing”, in other words it is an ascetic discipline which has a goal to achieve self-improvement through retreat in the mountains, meditating under cold rivers and waterfalls, breathing exercises in unreachable remote terrains, and all in between to reaching unbelievable feats through testing of one’s physical and mental endurance. Those practicing this method are known by the name Shugenja, and the teaching is practiced in Japan to this day.
The founder of this teaching is considered to be En no Gyoja who lived near Kyoto in the 7th century A.D. Another name, by which the followers of this teaching were known, is Yamabushi or Mountain Warriors. They roamed the mountain tops of the Japanese islands, visiting and protecting the many temples.
These people, together with the deserting Chinese generals after the fall of the Tang dynasty, are considered to be the founders of the art of Ninjutsu.
The event is to be carried out on 24th September, and the route is already set:
Skopje – Hombu Dojo „Taiyou e no Michi“
Length: 62 km (according to the length of the highway)
Departure: Saturday at 07:00 o’clock
Return: only God knows 🙂
Important: every participants needs to undertake proper medical examinations before the beginning of the event.
Equipment: Take whatever you like. Everything is on your responsibility and conscience.
P.S. The possibility of encountering wild animals, rain and bad weather conditions, as well as other unforeseeable things isn’t excluded. Before applying, check the information on our website from the previous years.