Intensive course for „Shinobi Taiso“ started

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On the 7th and the 8th of May, we are going to be starting the first ten lessons from the intensive course for „Shinobi Taiso“, which is designed to have total of 66 lessons. Divided in three levels (shoden, chuden and okuden), this system will provide our members a deeper level of understanding of the human organism, and how to provide first aid during injuries or muscle imbalances.

In the past, the elements from which this system is consisted of were transmitted along with the martial arts. This ancient natural medicine originates from the ancient philosophies and studies of Amatsu Tatara, and thanks to the teacher Toshitsugu Takamatsu it is being transmitted in Bujinkan.
Where does this system get its name?
Shinobi is a term meant for a highly trained person from Feudal Japan who was specialized for various unconventional means of combat.
Taiso is a generic term for conditioning the body consisted of the words: Tai (body) and So (strengthening).
With the term body conditioning we mean: an increase of your health and work ability, an increase of the overall training and stamina to overcome various obstacles.
Shinobi Taiso is a system created by the leader of Bujinkan Macedonia, Igor Dovezenski, with the sole purpose to increase his own fitness needed for the everyday classical Japanese martial art training sessions. The system is consisted of various stretching exercises, as well as exercises to strengthen and increase the muscle stamina.
The system itself is a summation of traditional ways to stretch and strengthen the body used in the classical martial schools. In different ryu-ha these are also known as: Junan Taiso, Junan Undo, Ryu Tai Undo and Aiki Taiso.
Dovezenski’s experience gathered during his 28 years of training koryu bujutsu, the latest science research from the area of conditioning the body, as well as the study of the human anatomy and biomechanics (a field in science that studies the mechanical aspects and processes in the living organisms) lead to the creation of Shinobi Taiso®.
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