The third seminar for Haragei successfully held

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This Sunday the instructor of Bujinkan Macedonia – Igor Dovezenski, held the seminar for Haragei for the third time. On this event the members of the dojo had the opportunity to study the esotheric aspects of ninjutsu, in other words, to establish a contact with the nature via various breathing techniques, meditation, and using the senses. The goal is to get to know one’s self and to increase our consciousness about the surroundings.

Immediately after the seminar, the members of Bujinkan Macedonia shared their impressions on our internal Forum.

Sanja Simonova – „Haragei for the second time. And every next seminar I would apply again. Sensei ‘opened’ the seminar introducing us with the meaning of haragei and gave us a detailed explanation how to harmonize our body’s energy through our breathing. If we take into consideration the fact that we couldn’t go on for a long time without breathing, the air would be our primary ‘food’. On the seminar we studied exactly that – how to use all of the available capacity. ‘Breathing with the stomach’ is a really powerful technique that calms the body and powers down the mind. In the exercises for increasing the reaction speed, we can feel how through the correct breathing the body relaxes and the reaction is faster and more precise. I really liked those meditative and visualization exercises. Especially the eight-sided. I believe that by practicing this we move our limits, our mental frames that we exist in every day, and that is really important for us – to keep raising our standards toward a continuous improvement. The day was good, we had a beautiful sunset, a great company, and we had circled another very special seminar where we learned new and repeated some techniques that are important for our future development. Mastering the knowledge that Sensei transmitted us on Haragei would be helpful to tackle the remaining knowledge that we are going to acquire in Taiyou e no Michi.“

Taki Gakovski – „I would like to say that the uke’s intention is really important. And I finally understood that intuition you suppose to feel when a sword is going straight for your head is still a science fiction to me. It is too far from the place I’m currently at. But that doesn’t disappoint me, on the contrary, it motivates me to overcome all the obstacles. We need to learn and get better all the time. The seminars could only be experienced, because many moments and events are hard to be described. Sensei, I thank you for everything“.
Marko Opachikj – „On the first seminar we were just getting acquainted with the exercises that were being taught. We got something, the rest wasn’t clear and we were left wondering until the next event. The second seminar we already had a feeling of connection with the techniques, like we were getting deeper, but there was still a barrier that kept us from executing them fully. Already on the third, we started to feel like we were becoming a part of them. Sensei as always treated us with some new exercises, that I honestly really liked and they opened a whole set of new questions for the next event. On the beginning he followed with a great kuden for Haragei, and afterwards he explained in details the way to breathe correctly that we all should be implementing, especially if we were practicing koryu. Of course, a great thanks to Sensei who honored us with new skills and unforgettable moments from the world of the classical Japanese martial arts“.