Winter Ninja Training – Means for Survival in the Wilderness VI held

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The past weekend we held our first seminar in the new 2016. The participants shared their impressions on our Forum after the end of the event, and with that wrote this Report.

„Each of our ‘koryu adventures’ has its story. Firstly, I would like to say I’m really happy to continue this seminar’s tradition with a fair number of participants, always more than ten. I’m especially glad that the beginners started to show interest too. Kosarche participated the event too, who started following the Path and with the help of Taki’s lessons found her way easily in the group.
Although some of the things we study are repeated every time, every year we need to be reminded of the lessons so we could better our techniques. This time Sensei presented the task of building the shelter to me. After I gathered everybody and explained what they were needed to do, we started working. Even though I thing we did a good job with the hut, I have two remarks. We were too loud while laughing and talking, and secondly, we were too slow building the shelter.
I would like to mention the new things we studied: how to prepare fried eggs, how to roast a pumpkin in the ground, different ways to keep the fireplace burning, how to make a door for the shelter to be protected from animals, how to keep our equipment dry from snow and rain, as well as other things Sensei mentioned during his lecture.“ (Marko Opachikj)
„We drank directly from the source and learned useful ‘tricks’ on how to survive in winter conditions. We did that directly instead of watching all kinds of videos on the internet 🙂
I have watched a thousand times on TV how to build a shelter to spend the night, but everything goes in vain until a man really sees how it’s done. I was glad that we were gathered on one place and I can’t wait the summer version of this seminar. Who knew that lilies could be so soft and comfortable, and the ‘snake salty snacks’ could be so delicious!“ (Martin Petrevski)
„When I was little I really wanted to run around in the woods and build shelters. That’s why I find this seminar, along with the „Life in The Wilderness“, to be great. And that’s why I say that Bujinkan Macedonia makes my childhood dreams a reality.“ (Taki Gakovski)
„Understanding, warmth, love and laughter was spreading through the air during the whole event. I must mention the most delicious salty snacks roasted on a wooden stick that Sensei made, as well as the super vitamin roasted pumpkin. Unfortunately the day ended and we had to return home. I await the next outdoor seminar impatiently. Thank You for everything Sensei!“ (Tamara Gjorgievska)

„I’ve eaten two hundred pumpkins, and from various sources I’ve heard that I am a big one too, but so far not one stayed in my mind that long as that one dug from the ground. Maybe because of the constant thought that I will be eaten by wolves, but this was a day to be remembered. I didn’t doubt Sensei’s experience and knowledge for a bit, neither the elder students from the dojo that are well trained for these kinds of seminars. I only doubted my ability to learn something, or that I would be something more that a big crutch for the others. Sensei proved that his purpose is not ‘archiving’ the knowledge for his own good, but putting it to our disposal, as long as we are willing to learn.“ (Damjan Serafimovski)
„During this seminar I learned a lot of things, I especially liked the socializing with the older members of the dojo. I was really impressed of the preparation of the egg in a can, as well as the roasting of the pumpkin dug in the ground. It was great to be part of this kind of an event.“ (Kosara Dovezenska)