Last Hanbo Goshinjutsu seminar for 2015 held

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With the yesterdays seminar on subject Hanbo Goshijutsu (self-defense using a short stick), we’ve almost finished our responsibilities from this years program of Bujinkan Macedonia.

Two regular training sessions remain, as well as the kyu testing that is happening on Wednesday (30th December).
This time for this seminar we are going to share the impressions of kohai Sanja Simonova written on our Forum:
„On my pleasure, we finished this years „book“ of seminars with the hanbo. My love for this weapon dates back when we trained on the wooden floors and I remember the pain that came along with it and the sound it made when it would hit the floor. Its beauty, in my opinion, is that it’s „hidden“ in many objects that we name otherwise: an umbrella, a walking cane, a trekking staff, a rolling pin…
As Sensei said, the hanbo is completely legal, we can carry it everywhere and anytime. To be able to wield this weapon is a great advantage. Firstly, because it is big enough to make enough damage to an aggressive attacker that doesn’t need to be visible to the eye, and at the same time it is small enough to „pack it“ and carry it around with us. The Hanbo is such a small, and at the same time a big thing.
We were eight on this seminar, and we’ve gone through eight kata – each one better than the previous one. At first I though that we would start off with the basic postures and forms that I’ve encountered before, however Sensei surprised us with specific scenarios for defense from various continuous strikes, grips to a part of the clothing, or, attempts to take away our weapon. The kata had „character“, as sempai Marko would have said. We could feel the explosive potential of the weapon, and the pain on contact was present at all times. That was the undeniable proof of its efficiency.
The atmosphere during the seminar was excellent and everyone did their best. The intensity of the training contributed to the change of color on the beginners’ faces, and for the older students it increased the stability, the speed, and the ease of use of the weapon. It’s a great feeling when you consider something known, and then you will discover a new move that makes a big difference and you will feel the enthusiasm from repeating a kata and the reveal of another of its hidden pearls, which in turn creates even greater hunger to keep going further!“