The seminar in Romania with instructor Dovezenski held

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This past weekend in the Romanian city Iasi the instructor Igor Dovezenski held a seminar where he taught techniques for sword fighting (kenjutsu), including ways to fight with a staff (bojutsu). The event was organized by the leader of Shingan Dojo, Catalin Soreanu, and by his request the event was invitation only and meant for the advanced students of his dojo.

During the first day, Dovezenski taught the techniques on how to quickly draw and cut simultaneously with a Japanese sword (iaijutsu) from a sitting and standing position, as well as the basics of combat with a katana.
The next day the basics of the staff were mainly practiced, and near the end of the seminar Dovezenski taught several advanced techniques of bojutsu.
As always, the host Katalin Soreanu proved that as a great organizer he pays attention to the smallest details, and also his students ensured that the seminar went along with an incredible atmosphere.
At the end, the instructor Igor Dovezenski thanks all participants from the Shingan Dojo for the good training and the time spent in laughing and socializing.
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