„Women Self-Defense Workshop® VII“ held

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The participants of the seminar with sharing their impressions practically wrote the report for the seventh Women Self-Defense Workshop:

Sanja Simonova – „The first training lasted two and a half hours. Sensei introduced us to this years theme, answered our beginners questions,and immediately after that we started training. The scenarios that we worked on were the most likely to happen in reality, and beside training how to anticipate an attack, Sensei explained us what situations and which postures we were to avoid at all cost. And if they were to happen, how to react accordingly.
The time flew by as the intensity increased and the atmosphere was getting fiercer.
We used the break between the training sessions for a walk in the surrounding area, visiting the legendary Dackos’ village store, taking photos of the beautiful Dovezence, having lunch, child’s play and getting chased around the dojo.
The second training also lasted two and a half hours. We were working on techniques on the ground, but our spirits were still high. Sensei was training with us all the time and taught us with his every word and contact.
In the evening we had a small party around the fire, we started a chatter as women usually can, we treated ourselves with a glass of homemade liqueur, and tired and happy we went to sleep. The fireplace glistered and warmed us, the night was clear and it looked like a great morning was about to come.
The second day, Anichka lit up the fireplace, we got out of our bags and went straight for a tea and breakfast talking about who is in pain of what from the training. The temporary pain cannot put out or put in shadow the constant determination and love. Soon Sensei came and we started the morning training. In a fun and practical way, we went over a part of what we trained the previous day. We continued with so many new scenarios, and we finished with a really good stretch that leaves you strengthened and energized. We used our break for a walk to Zdravkin Kamen. The sun was shining above us, bu it didn’t set for us. Everything was wonderful, magical and uniquely beautiful. The last training session was less demanding, but only because of the pain that each of us had from the previous intensive sessions. After a quick warm up, we burned through two hours without a problem. The last training in the Hombu is the hardest at the start, but the best at the end. There is a point when it’s really hard, but suddenly it becomes unbearably easy, and that is a special feeling that I don’t know how to describe.
We cleaned our dojo, we packed, hugged several times, and left. We had written another unforgettable page on the Path, we gathered even more knowledge, we strengthened our friendship and we wished for it to last a long time while we joyfully await our moments together.

This was my fourth Workshop in a row. Each one had its beauties and moments to cherish, but this year there was unseen friendship, jokes, and closeness. All of us, literally all were like one. We haven’t been this organized, we shared food, water, and everything we brought was as if one mother put everything out there for us. We helped each other for everything, and that kind of rarity, unity, love, dedication, respect, and loyalty are gained only in the club. When one really great and exceptional man stands in the middle of this, who we love from the bottom of our hearts, who sacrifices himself for the tiniest details, we cannot stop improving ourselves.
Thanks to you Sensei and thanks to all that were part of this wonderful weekend!
p.s. Maja, seeing you made me so happy that I can’t wait to see you in a kimono in the dojo.
Well girls, strong is the new sexy ;)“

Elena Angelovska – The stream hurts. Yes, you read that correctly. Not only every muscle in my body is sore and in pain, not just when I try to tie my shoes, not just when I try to reach for something. Even the stream hurts. Yes, the stream from the shower, that is, and every drop of water that hits my body, every cell, every pore. And some might say – why the hell do you come to this workshop every year, since it makes you suffer for days afterwards? And to that someone, how do you explain that each of those drops that hurt carries life in itself,
so that it can’t even be compared to the river that keeps on flowing in front of my eyes.That drop carries such heat that heals, makes you stand straight, makes you exist. That’s that exact alchemy in those two days by the magical paradise called Dojo. Not a regular Dojo, but our own “Bujinkan
Tamara Georgievska – “First seminar, first impressions. It would be hard to describe how it was in just a couple of sentences. The feeling when you’re there, in the Hombu Dojo, is simply amazing. Those that have been there, know what I’m talking about. 
During the two days, Sensei taught us techniques connected to the topic of the seminar. Time passed quickly, we didn’t really feel it. Training, walks through the village, having fun with Kosara and Ksenija, conversations without end. You can’t describe sleeping there. Everybody next to one another, in bags and under blankets. The second day, after training, Sensei gave us a tour to Zdravkin Kamen. We came back just in time for the second session, and when it ended, we couldn’t believe it was already time to leave.
I didn’t want to go home. It was beautiful in the dojo. So much love and understanding in a single place. Something you can’t forget. 
Thank you Sensei, for everything!”