20 years Bujinkan Macedonia (2nd July 2995 – 2nd July 2015)

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With a great karaoke party on the day before yesterday we marked the 20 year anniversary of the foundation of Bujinkan Macedonia. The event was set up in the winery „Kartal“ in Skopje where more than forty members of the dojo attended.

The students of the instructor Dovezenski, different generations gathered on one place from, had the opportunity to share their memories and impressions from the past and present times spent in Bujinkan Macedonia. Many friendships, relationships, partnerships, even marriages were „born“ during these years spent training in the only traditional Japanese dojo in Macedonia, and most of the members of the dojo are still grateful for that.

As you may already know, Bujinkan Macedonia was founded on 2nd July 1995 by Igor Dovezenski, the only Macedonian citizen that carries several titles in different classical martial schools (ryu-ha). From the foundation, up until today, the organization works non-stop and holds training sessions for its members every day. For now, it is the only acknowledged dojo in our country by the chief of Bujinkan, soke Masaaki Hatsumi. Bujinkan Macedonia is still known as one of the most dynamic clubs in Europe, with numerous and active memberships, that further speaks for the quality of the knowledge that is transmitted in the dojo.
At the end of the party, the founder Dovezenski thanked all members and guests that participated on the jubilee gathering, who came to show their gratitude for the hard work that created a respected world class dojo called Bujinkan Macedonia, well-known and acknowledged by the best international organizations for Japanese martial arts.