Seminar in Romania with Igor Dovezenski held

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The past weekend, the instructor Igor Dovezenski held a seminar in the city Iasi – Romania. The event had been organized by Catalin Soreanu, the leader of „Bujinkan Shingan Dojo“. This seminar counted around thirty participants from several Romanian cities, practitioners of various martial arts, as well as one participant from our country that traveled to Iasi specially for this event.

During the first session on Saturday, instructor Dovezenski explained the basic postures of the body, accompanied by the basic strikes and blocks with a sword. The second session was dedicated to iai jutsu, followed by the basic forms of kenjutsu.
During the second day, the training began with battojutsu, and afterwards the whole material that was taught during the seminar was repeated again.
What was really impressive for shidoshi Dovezenski, was the great improvement of Catalin Soreanu, acquired during his last visit in Macedonia, up until today. It wasn’t possible not to notice the love and effort Soreanu invested, and with that the results were evident. The same can be said for the remaining students, for their desire to go deeper into the secrets of traditional Japanese swordsmanship. Many of them, after the end of the seminar, expressed their wish for another seminar and a desire to learn more of kenjutsu.
At the end, instructor Igor Dovezenski is thankfull for the opportunity to teach, as well for the great organization by the hosts. The hospitality of Catalin left him speechless, and we would also like to thank his students Marius, Niku, Romeo and Nadia for the kindness and the help around the organization of the seminar.