Seminar „Haragei II“ held

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Yesterday, at the top of the hill Elenac, the members of Bujinkan Macedonia held the second in a row seminar dedicated to the techniques for Haragei, in other words feeling the changes that are happening around us. The blows of the cold wind didn’t present a hurdle, not even for a moment, so we could go deeper and in greater detail in the secrets of meditation and self-discovery.
Instead of a report, we will transfer the feelings of the participants the were shared on our Forum, right after the end of the seminar.
Marko O.– „I couldn’t even possibly describe the feeling that I got from the smell of the plants at Elenac, from the air that comes from the untouched nature of Lipac, from our sweat that drips down, earned by climbing upwards on „all four legs“. The wind that dries the skin and the sun that awakens your energy. The people with their presence that make you feel good and happy. Haragei is a special story. The techniques need to be practiced every day and along with the physical training, because what Sensei told, taught and explained us today, is a school of life. We learned how to breath, how to be healthy. We encountered four new exercises that require many hours of training. In my opinion we were all impressed by today’s seminar, and this will „satiate“ us with days, even weeks. One climb on Lipac is a quality therapy for your mind and body. Imagine all of us in 10-15 years, gathered again at the same place, but with children in our arms, to whom we’ll tell about the wonderful days spent with the teachings of Sensei.”

Vladimir A. – „Briefly, I will just conclude that I understood much more now when we repeated the exercises for the second time, than I didthe first time.“

Todor A. – „I don’t know where to start. Although the weather didn’t serve us as we hoped it would, I think we could say that the seminar was more than successful. Starting from the climb to Elenac, that fills you more with energy than it drains you, all to the descend to Elenachki Kladenac. Including moving through the darkness, followed by various discussions. As for the training, I must confess that I cannot understand all of the techniques, and apply them right away. But those that I can, I practiced with greater attention and deeper understanding, which differed from the last year. I noticed that the concentration was greater from the participants that came for the second time, excluding Sanja, because these techniques „came naturally” to her. I expect the third time to be even better, but only if we practice the exercises at home, as sensei’s mentioned. At the end, a word for the food during the break. I was fasting, but my food was more delicious than any other because I had it in your company”.