Special Kenjutsu seminar for Bujinkan Shingan Dojo (Romania)

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The past weekend, shidoshi Igor Dovezenski held a seminar exclusively for the members of the Romanian Bujinkan Shingan Dojo, on subject: „The Basics of classical Japanese swordsmanship“. The event was held on the premises of Bujinkan Macedonia dojo in Skopje, and the young instructor Marko Opachikj helped with the teaching.
The instructor Cătălin Soreanu along with three of his students, who flew from Romania purposely for this seminar, were practicing and repeating the basic techniques of Japanese kenjutsu restlessly during the weekend, while following the lessons and advice of instructor Dovezenski with great precision. Throughout the event, the participants from Romania were showing such passion and desire to master the art of samurai swordsmanship, that not even for a moment they stopped their training.
The free time, lacking due to the intensity of this seminar, was used to visit the central city area of Skopje, where the Romanians enjoyed the beauties of the city. They also tasted well known Macedonian specialties, and they noted that our cuisine is one of the tastiest they had tried so far.
Pleased with the learnt, the members of Bujinkan Shingan Dojo invited istructor Dovezenski to hold another seminar, this time in their home city Iasi, famous cultural and academic center in Romania.
The seminar will take place in March, and we use this opportunity to invite all interested, regardless of their knowledge or skill, to take part and get acquainted with the basics of samurai kenjutsu.
For additional information, you can address the instructor Cătălin Soreanu directly through his web-site: http://www.shingan.ro