Women Self-defense Workshop® VI

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The successful story that begun in 2008, known as „Women Self-defense Workshop“, for the sixth time is going to educate those who belong to the gentler sex on how to protect themselves in case of an attack or a physical abuse. 
That year, the Organization dedicated to the study of Japanese martial arts „Taiyou e no Michi“, for the first time in Macedonia organized an event of this kind and since then the Workshop became a synonym and a place where girls and women can learn techniques for self-defense from unwanted situations. 
On 25th/26th October, the sixth Workshop will take place, titled: „With control – to victory“.
Although this event first opened only for our female members, during the years others that belong in the gentler sex started participating, regardless of their years or their level of knowledge.

Required equipment: sweatpants and a t-shirt (without zippers and buttons). We train on mats (barefoot). For all participants a freestay in the dojo is arranged.

Date: 25th/26th October, 2014
Location: Taiyou e no Michi – Hombu Dojo (62 km. from Skopje)
Additional information: 077 976 906 or by e-mail: daito_macedonia@yahoo.com
We kindly ask you not to feel pressured about asking any questions.