Instructor Igor Dovezenski on improvement in Japan

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In the period from 11th to 28th of September, instructor Igor
Dovezenski stayed in Japan, with purpose to grow his knowledge,
learning directly from his Japanese teachers, as well as their best

During the stay, shidoshi Dovezenski trained 8 hours
everyday, traveling in different cities and visiting various dojos.

The largest part of his time the instructor spent in the
Shimbukan dojo, of the legendary teacher Risuke Otake.
addition, sensei Otake is the only master for traditional martial
arts in Japan that is declared by the state as „living national
treasure“. His dojo Shimbukan is the place where the oldest
documented Japanese martial art is taught – Tehshin Shoden Katori
Shinto ryu Bujutsu. Sensei Risuke Otake personally taught Dovezenski
the kenjutsu kata from the level Omote. Additionally, the oldest
members of Shimbukan transferred a great deal of their knowledge,
through correcting his mistakes on his already learned
Igor Dovezenski is the first Macedonian that trained
in the Shimbukan dojo and that has been taught directly by the
teacher Risuke Otake.

During his improvement in the land of
the rising sun, the leader of Taiyou e no Michi trained in the Hombu
Dojo of Masaaki Hatsumi, the last living ninja master and successor
of nine traditional Japanese martial schools. At the same time, he
had private sessions with several Japanese shihans, where he had the
opportunity to learn in more detail some aspects and principles of
the schools that are taught in the organization Bujinkan.

During one of the training sessions in the Hombu, soke Masaaki
Hatsumi personally awarded a hachidan (8th dan) to instructor Igor
Dovezenski, and expressed gratitude for the work of spreading the
arts of his organization that the Macedonian instructor had done.
Also, soke Hatsumi was interested in Macedonia, as well for the
current situation that surrounds it. Igor Dovezenski is the first
Macedonian from the Republic of Macedonia that had trained in the
Hombu Dojo of Bujinkan, and for now, he remains the only
representative of the organization for our country, acknowledged
personally by the chief Masaaki Hatsumi.

Along the visit of
the many museums and dojos, with purpose to dive deeper into the core
of the Japanese traditional martial arts, the training for Daito ryu
Aikijujutsu is worth to be mentioned, that instructor Dovezenski had
with sensei Yoneda in the city Kawasaki. This teacher is a personal
friend of sensei Antonino Cherta, with whom many years ago studied
that art from the last successor Takimune Takeda. The experience
gathered on those training sessions is invaluable for the further
improvement of Dovezenskis’ skill.

To describe the feelings
and to transmit the experience acquired during the stay and the
training in Japan, would take thousands of pages, so we will finish
this report with forwarding a gratitude by instructor Dovezenski to
his teachers, students and friends for the continuous support for his
work in the field of the martial arts.