Sempai Keiko held

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This time instead a report for the seminar „Sempai Keiko“, we share part of the mail sent by shidoshi ho Marjan Proshev.

„I really liked and I fully support the idea for organizing sempai seminars. All that intensity of training and upgrading our technique, as well as the great atmosphere, was an excellent reminder of the days when our generation didn’t miss a training. When we started, we weren’t much different from the beginners that today practice in the dojo and do their best. As we moved forward, we found ourselves in the art more and each one of us got what we wanted. I am sorry that today some of the elder members, among them myself too, are not as active as we used to be. We spent so many years together and today we all walk on our Path. I know that we all try to follow the true Path, but unfortunately not all can stay on it. This seminar reminded me what it was like before. It proved that no matter what, with the people that you have spend so many years in training, seminars and camps, you have build mutual respect. After a while, when you meet with these people again, you can feel the respect that everyone had deserved. We’ve got the privilege to practice koryu, and we have to earn the respect ourselves. I think that is the lesson that the young members need to learn. So many of them are hopeful and almost at the same age, and everyone wants to be above the other. That can only bring problems and nothing more. I am glad to see so many young ready to do what we did.“