The fourth in a row „Winter Ninja Training“ held

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At the fourth in a row „Winter Ninja Training“, two of the students of shidoshi Igor Dovezenski were tested for the arts of survival in winter conditions. In addition, shidoshi ho Marko successfully passed the test and earned a certificate that confirms his knowledge in this area too.

Before the beginning of the seminar, all participants were divided in two teams, that were led by shidoshi ho Marko Opachikj and kohai Todor Angelovski. Afterwards, they were given directions and tasks that had to be fulfilled in six hours. At the end, shidoshi Dovezenski graded the leaders in 17 criteria for building a shelter, crafting a weapon and traps, as well as knowing the environment and the nature surrounding them. Ten questions followed, and the scores were summed up and showed the level of knowledge of the participants. 

Although kohai Todor Angelovski didn’t have enough points to pass the test, he showed excellent knowledge in the arts of winter survival, and regarding his age and youth, as well as his speed of learning the techniques, we are certain that on the next testing he is going to show great results.

After the end of the seminar, shidoshi ho Marko, on the internal Forum, published the following text.

„I think there is no certificate, diploma or a belt that are greater than the words of Sensei that he is pleased with his students. This is proof that the previous two partakes in the seminars weren’t in vain, that the sacrifice and the effort paid off and that certain students alertly followed his every lecture. Frankly, before the event I was frightened to let Sensei down, especially that I was the only one with „three winter survivals“ and that several students that started to learn the arts from me participated on this event. Therefore, I didn’t want to let them down either. Several days before the event I studied the notes that I had written and I think that paid off. We synchronized well with my assistants, the obedience and the effort was on a very high level and I even left them several very important tasks to work on, just to see how they’ll manage. I am too pleased of them. Afterwards Sensei graded us and pointed us the defects. Of course, there were a lot. After the grading, our ‘clan’ got the certificate. I don’t say it’s mine, because without my assistants I wouldn’t have earned it. Mihail is going even deeper into the art, Moni already looks like a leader, and for Jovan this was a great indicator where he needs to be heading next. I thank them. Congratulations to Toshe and his team too. He now knows where his mistakes are and I am sure the next time he will „kick ass“. He is intelligent, but he lacked experience.

I don’t know what to say about Sensei, I think he is really happy for what we all achieved. We don’t stop here. We have more to learn, many more things that Sensei pointed out that we did wrong, and that is a great motivator for the next year so we can be better. His teaching is thorough, with many examples, and at the same time fun, critical, easy to understand, has a point and most importantly – useful. It took four years for me to get over the basics of the winter survival. On the beginning you participate, follow and help. Afterwards you try to do something by yourself (shelter, to light a fire, to make a trap). That is the only Path and the only way. We will see each other the next year again. Congratulations to all that participated, and big thanks Sensei for the teaching today and for all past years. Osu!!!“