Shidoshi Dovezenski held Ninpo Ne Waza seminar for the MMA fighters from the club „Strshlen“

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On an invitation from the coach of the MMA club „Strshlen“, Dr. Sinisha Stojanoski, instructor Igor Dovezenski held a full day 

seminar for Ninpo Ne Waza. On this seminar techniques for positioning on the ground, transitions, techniques for control, strangling techniques, as well as techniques using levers on the joints were taught.
In addition, shidoshi Dovezenski always had respect for the discipline and the will for the mixed martial art fighters’ training, and so far he helped several individuals who wanted to increase their knowledge and to better their technique and skill. However, with this seminar, for the first time collaboration was achieved between the clubs and opportunity to represent and use the traditional Japanese martial arts in the training of the MMA fighters.
During the training, the members of the club „Strshlen“ tried their maximum to absorb the techniques that were shown while being assisted by two students of Bujinkan Macedonia. The first hour of training passed with a small dose of mistrust, but as the time passed the participants gradually showed respect more, so at the end the whole seminar ended in a great friendly atmosphere. The company was great, the barrier was completely destroyed and a path for further collaboration was opened. 
At the end of the seminar, coach Stojanoski expressed gratitude for the selfless transfer of knowledge by the instructor of Bujinkan Macedonia, and shidoshi Dovezenski wished the members of „Strshlen“ success in the following tournaments.
You can find additional information for the MMA club „Strshlen“ on their official Facebook profile, and in case you want to contact their coach directly, you can do that here:
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