Kenjutsu under the stars of Lipac IV

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16052013173255vdf%20%282%29.jpgAs the title says, this year for the fourth time we are organizing the seminar dedicated to our Daito ryu Aikibudo teacher – shihan Antonino Cherta.

We, of the School of martial arts Taiyou e no Michi, are completely dedicated to the learning of several traditional Japanese bujutsu schools, amongst them Ono ha Itto ryu (Takeda den).
This powerful swordsman school was mandatory for all members of the famous samurai clan Takeda.
The legendary warrior Sokaku Takeda, known as one of the last Japanese samurai, earned menkyo kaiden (licence for gained knowledge) specifically for this kenjutsu ryu ha.
Our members are waiting for this event impationately for the whole year. During the two-day training in nature, on the top of the mistical mountain Lipac, the students of all degrees will get to know each other.
During the day, three trainings will be held, and the night will be reserved for hanging out near the fireplace, accompanied by tasty beans and several beers.

Date: 01/02 June, 2013 (departure from Skopje in 07.00)
Location: under the stars of the mountain Lipac.

Equipment: tent (who has one), sleeping bag, keiko gi, kyahani or high socks (protection of ticks), bokuto (you can bring a spare one), food and water.

For additional information contact us on our phone number.

The seminar is open for all, regardless of the style or the art.

If you need equipment, feel free to call us.

The event is going to be held regardless of the weather conditions.