„The strenght of Yari – The Beginnings“ seminar held

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31032013163616yaride.jpgThe seminar dedicated to the means of spear combat, „The strenght of Yari“, refreshed the memories from the previous years and moreover it fortified the knowledge of the ancient Japanese art Sojutsu.

The first location predicted for the seminar was replaced with the Hombu Dojo, because of the continuous rain throughout the day.

Instead of a report, we will transfer part of the experience of shidoshi ho Marko Opachikj – a student who participated in all of the seminars of spear combat held under the leadership of shidoshi Igor Dovezenski:

„So far four seminars for Yari have been organized, and the first and the last were dedicated to the basics. I was writing down notes (in a form of a densho) after every seminar, but I was missing the last piece of the puzzle which I`ve put together today.
Four years were required to understand the ways of spear combat. But the knowledge wouldn`t be complete without the kuden transferred by the teacher. As always, on the short breaks, Sensei gone into detail and explained the techniques, respectively the warfare with a spear in the „old times“. He especially pointed out that for us to be good with a spear, we should have perfect motor functions, which will enable a great taisabaki.
In koryu the things are earned with hard training. There is no „cutting corners“. Time is needed to learn, to understand and to perfect a weapon. Very few people are ready to accept that, but the most persistent ones will rise to the surface and survive. The others will wander around and try to get to a diploma overnight, and the wind will take them with it.“