Igor Dovezenski – responsible for the development of Daito ryu Aikibudo in South-Eastern Europe (Balkans)

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By decree of my Daito ryu Aikibudo teacher,
Shihan Antonino Certa, I (Igor Dovezenski, Shidoin) am authorized to
represent the European Daito Kai organization in the region of
southeastern Europe (ie. the Balkan countries).

I call for
everyone interested who would like to take the 01032013042627sga.jpgresponsibility of
spreading the Daito ryu Aikijujutsu and Ono ha Itto ryu Kenjutsu (Takeda
den) arts in their country, to contact me via my email: daito_macedonia@yahoo.com.

Prioritized are the leaders of clubs that are my personal friends and
have friendly relations with Bujinkan Macedonia. People who are
considered diploma hunters and would prefer overnight success without
hard training, I would ask not to contact me.

The European
Daito Kai has been founded by Antonino Certa at the request of his
teacher Kato Shigemitsu Soshi with the goal of spreading the Daito ryu
Aikijujutsu through the European countries in the same manner they were
taught ages back in the Aizu clan.

Sensei Certa is the only
non-Japanese in the world to earn the title of Shihan, directly from the
Daitokan dojo in the city of Abashiri. He was first accepted as a
student to the last Soke Tokimune Takeda and after his death, he started
training with Kato Shigemitsu Sensei.

This is a great
opportunity to become a part of the history of one of the oldest
Japanese martial arts, also known as the mother of Aikido. Be the one
that will be responsible for organizing the Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu school
in your country and a representative of the European Daito Kai.

Igor Dovezenski
shidoin, Daito ryu Aikibudo
shidoshi, Bujinkan Budo