„Means to survive in the wilderness III“ seminar held

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28012013045434fiaj.jpgFar away from the city noise, with temperatures under the zero, and in conditions of snow, the winter ninja training „Means to survive in the wilderness“ was held yesterday.

During the eight hours, as much as the seminar lasted, the instructor of Bujinkan Macedonia selflessly shared his knowledge with the participants of the seminar.

The seminar started with lessons about the techniques for building a shelter with materials that the nature provides and with no required tools or bonding material whatsoever.   

After those, techniques for setting up a fire in winter conditions and moving it to another location were practiced.

Following this, there was a teaching about the psychology of survival and giving first aid to persons who entered hypothermia or are freezing.

The techniques for sharpening a knife, crafting a weapon, using different knots of the rope, setting up traps weren’t left out, but also the lessons for proving food and water were taught too.

From all planned program of this seminar, the instructor did not succeeded to share the techniques of call for aid (SOS), because of the many questions of the students, the time „flew fast“ and the night started to descend over the forest Mlaka.

Shidoshi Dovezenski announced that the next year there is going to be a testing for the students that participated in this seminar, and they will have to show the acquired knowledge for the techniques of winter survival.