Countdown until the opening of the Hombu Dojo and the Summer Ninja Camp

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02082012163810gjkb.jpgAugust is the only month of the year when the club Bujinkan Macedonia in Skopje does not work, but that’s when our Summer Ninja Camp start which is known widely.
For this camp there are over 20 participants from our dojo, and the event is going to be international because we will have a participant from Spain.

On 4th August, with start in 10.00 o’clock, the dojo will be officially opened which is build in the valley under the mountain Lipac, and will represent a Hombu (pivot) of the organization „Taiyou e no Michi“.

We invite all our participants and friends to join us on this historical event, because this is the first dojo in Macedonia which is built on private property and with private resources, without help from any government or non-government organization.

This property is built according to all ecological regulations for construction and according to all standards of construction for traditional Japanese dojo meant for perfecting the „Path“.