Shinken gata Tora no Maki seminar held

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Twenty of the members of Bujinkan Macedonia who today attended the Shinken gata Tora no Maki seminar, were literally dying in Dolnja Reka while they were trying to grasp as much knowledge as they can from this fighting system.

During the eight-hour training, shidoshi Dovezenski taught the students the basic techniques of this school. as well as the 12 katas from the first level named shodan. All that time, the students trained hard and without holding back they were trying their best to repeat the shown techniques by the instructor.

The seminar started with a brief lecture for Tora no Maki, afterwards continued with training in Kihon Gata. After the body postures (kamae) were learned, the training continued to ukemi, and after that – kihon suvari gata.
With the first kata from the shodan level it was already clear that the location meant for training will become a battlefield. That desire and energy stuck around until 17.00 o`clock, when the bodies and the minds of the participants started to renounce obedience, mostly because of weariness caused by the vigorous rhythm of training.

At the end, it is worth mentioning that the day was beautiful, with a blue sky and strong sun that made up for the lost energy. All that contributed to the great atmosphere during the seminar.