Macedonia got new Bujinkan masters

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30122011183615plaganje87586.jpgYesterday, in the Bujinkan Macedonia dojo we had a testing for student and master degrees.

The 9th kyu test was passed by Kristijan B., Borjana M., Metodija L., Darko G., Kristijan S. and Mihail D., and the 7th kyu degree was deservedly given to Ana Marija B., Tatjana O., Stefani G. and Monika Sh.

The 5th kyu was passed by Todor A., and the 3rd by the students Anton P. and Miron C.

Deservedly, the 1st kyu test was passed by Zoran T.

Macedonia got two new Bujinkan masters. Marjan Proshev and Marko Opachich successfully passed the first dan test (shodan), so they have the honor to be the second Macedonians who got master degrees from the Hombu dojo in Japan. They earned this title after five years of training in our dojo, without missing more than ten training sessions (for the entire period). They have participated almost on every international seminar, as well as on all outdoor seminars organized by Bujinkan Macedonia.

We congratulate the new shidoshi ho (younger instructors) with whole our hearts and wish them even greater success in the future.

For their effort, persistence, loyalty, regularity and love 30122011183600plaganje898.jpgfor the art and the school, acknowledgements were given to the students Marjan P., Anton P. and Filip A.
All of them missed only one training in 2011.

This year, same as the last, a diploma for supporting the development of Bujinkan in Macedonia got Aleksandar V.

P.S. (all the names were shortened in order to protect out student`s privacy).