A lecture and introduction to Shinobi Taiso®

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10122011152117taiso766.jpgOn 17th of December (2011), at 17:30 o`clock, Shidoshi Igor Dovezenski will give the first lecture, at the same time – introduction in the system `Shinobi Taiso`.
What is Shinobi Taiso?
Shinobi is e term for a highly trained person in Feudal Japan which was specialized for various unconventional ways of combat.
Taiso is a generic term which stands for conditioning the body, composed from the words: Tai (body) and So (strenghtening).
The conditioning of the body implies: increase of the health and work capability, increase of the body practice and durability for undertaking certain efforts.  
Shinobi Taiso is a system created by the leader of Bujinkan Macedonia, Igor Dovezenski, with a goal to improve his own condition required for everyday trainings for classical Japanese martial arts. The system is consisted of different streching exercises, as well as strenghtening and muscle durability exercises.
The system itself represents a set of traditional methods of training for streching and strenghtening the body used in the classical martial schools. In different ryu-ha, the methods are known by the names: Junan Taiso, Junan Undo, Ryu Tai Undo, Ki Undo and Aiki Taiso.
Dovezenski`s experience gathered from the 23-year-long practice of koryu bujutsu, combined with the research of the latest scientific findings from the conditioning training field, as well as the research of the human anatomy and biomechanics (the research of the mechanical phenomena and processes in the living organisms), led to the creation of Shinobi Taiso®.
Why was there a need for creating such a system?

During the long years of leading a dojo, instructor Dovezenski noticed that some stretching excercises aren`t fit or contribute towards increasing one`s physical condition, when speaking about different kinds of practitioners. Towards that goal, he started a research and cooperation with various different people that are well-versed in that area, starting with personal trainers all the way to physical therapists. Thus, he sees the need for each different constitution is unique and requires a different approach when conditioning.  

Primarily developed for himself and his students, Igor Dovezenski decided to offer this system to anyone interested in improving their own physical condition.

The theme of the lecture on Saturday will be: Ailments in the lower part of the spine and excercises for their removal.