A succesfull `The strength of Yari – tactics and strategy` seminar

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17102011065618jari765.jpgThe seminar titled `The strenght of Yari – tactics and strategy`, which yesterday took place on the hill Orljak, opened new prospects for the students who attended the event.

Namely, while last year they enjoyed exploring the efficiency and power of the spear, this time they were completely convinced of it`s efficiency and supremacy against an opponent armed with a different weapon.

The seminar began with a lecture and a training about the basic techniques of striking and blocking with a katana (sword) and with yari (spear). Then it carried on to a practice of different battle scenarios (katas) which included spear against sword and spear against spear.
At the end, formational combat techniques were practiced, and same as last year, the students of 17102011065636jari987.jpgBujinkan Macedonia enjoyed the variety of tactics and strategy of this way of combat.

Regarding the weather conditions, during the day they were constantly changing from sunny to cloudy and vice versa, but the temperature at some times was extremely low while the north wind was trying to diminish the will of the attendees unsuccesfully. After the end, some of them asked this seminar, next year to be a two-day seminar.