The Path of Shugenja ®

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18092011201311shugendo876.jpgTraditionally, every year on the last week in September, the warriors of Bujinkan Macedonia hold The Path of Shugenja seminar.

This year we chose a route from the summit of the Mountain Lipac to the locality Kamena Svadba located in the village Kuklica (and back).

Shugendo is an ancient japanese method which explores the relations between man and nature. Translated, Shugendo means `The path of training and testing`, in other words it`s an ascetic discipline which aims to achieve self perfection through retreat on mountains, meditation under waterfalls and cold rivers, breathing practices on inaccessible terrain, that leads to achieving astonishing accomplishments through testing one`s body and mental strenghts. Those who practice this method are known by the name Shugenja, and this discipline is studied in Japan even today.

The founder of this teaching is considered to be En no Gyoja, 18092011201332shugendo987.jpgwho lived nearby Kyoto in the 7th century A.D. The other name this followers are known is Yamabushi or Mountain Warriors. They crossed the ridgelines on the Japanese islands visiting and protecting the numerous temples. Some scholars believe that this people, united with the deserter Chinese generals after the fall of the Dinasty Tang, are the founders of the art Ninjutsu.

Date: 25th September, 2011 (Sunday)

Location: Lipac – Kuklica – Lipac

07.00 hours – departure from Skopje
08.00 hours – arrival and the start of march
Returning home – only God knows!

Equipment: Take whatever you like. Everything is on your responsibility and conscience.

P.S. Encounter with wild animals, rain, storm and other unforseen things are not excluded.

* Before you make an entry, please check the information of the previous years on our web-site.