A successfull Sui Ren seminar

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After two years, we again held the traditional Sui Ren seminar. Even though the sun was intense, the water of Kriva river slowly got warmer, because of the recent extreme temperatures, the highest for this summer. The horse flies that flew and `feasted` on our bodies didn`t at all ruin the great atmosphere that was present during this seminar.

The seminar started by a lecture on Sui Ren, followed by practical application. According to the plan, we were to learn a sum of 7 techniques during the day, and after a seven-hour `trial by water`, out plan was successfully completed. The hardest obstacle for the beginners was breathing underwater with a pipe (fukia), while the most interesting for them were the camouflage techniques. It wasn`t easy to train with a `gi` (cotton training gear) in the cold waters, especially after a few hours passed inside it.

At the end, the students of Bujinkan Macedonia, event though frozen cold, sucessfully completed this seminar, mostly because of the discipline and will gained through training with shidoshi Dovezenski as elements required for success.