A successful Yumi Ya seminar

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15052011204242Yumi_Ya_88.jpgIn the location known as Orlova Chuka, upon one of the lower hills of Lipac, today we had the Yumi Ya seminar, i.e. ninja bow and arrows. About ten students attended this event, all members of Bujinkan Macedonia, who under the hot sun refined this art for the entire length of the day.

As usual, at the beginning of this seminar, instructor Igor Dovezenski held a lecture about the historical development of the bow and arrows, followed by practical examples on how to build this weapon in the shortest amount of time.

Afterwards, the training began by shooting while using certain body postures, followed by drills to improve the usage of this weapon.

At the end of this event, we practiced techniques of shooting in length, by which the students had the chance to see how with a simple creation such as the bow and arrows (created in less than 15 minutes), one can shoot lengths of over 100 meters.