A successfull woman self-defense workshop

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03042011180735rabot2.jpgTen members of the gentler sex, almost all of them members of Bujinkan Macedonia, successfully mastered the combat techniques during today`s “Female self-defense workshop“.

As already known, this event takes place every two years, and it is intended especially for girls (women) from our school, with the goal of better introducing them to the principle and way of the legendary Japanese she-warriors, known as kunoichi.

The theme of this year`s workshop was “Hidden weapons in the female purse“. Towards that goal, instructor Igor Dovezenski chose the items which are present in every woman`s purse and with each of them demonstrated three techniques. Afterwards, the girls practiced the movements among themselves, and each of them had the chance of trying it by being attacked by sempai Marjan Proshev.

Four hours passed incredibly fast, which for
 03042011180721rabot1.jpgthe girls was a sign that the workshop passed in a fun atmosphere. At the end, certificates were given to those that took part, in order to give those attending a token by which they will remember this wonderful event.

As for our ladies and their readiness, we can say that their advancement in the Japanese classical martial arts is more visible and obvious with each passing year, and their capacity and talent are at a high level indeed.