Winter ninja training „Means to survive in the wilderness“

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07012011010746zima2.jpgThe instructor of Bujinkan Macedonia, Igor Dovezenski, will hold the first outdoor seminar scheduled for 2011.
As the title says, at this seminar we will learn ways to survive in winter conditions, at low temperature and harsh surroundings. The date of the event (16th of January) is chosen in order to test the techniques in the most practical sense.

On this seminar, we will study these skills:

– crossing rivers with increased water-flow with and without rope.

– getting food and water

– building shelter and camp

– winter conditions combat

– using nature as a weapon for combat etc.

This seminar can be attended by every psychophysically healthy student of Bujinkan Macedonia (at their own risk, of course). 

Equipment required:

– field pants (with a layer beneath them), t-shirts, a shirt and sweater, a jacket, hat, shawl, boots, three pairs of underpants and training weapons. 

Warning: the temperatures will most likely be under zero. The terrain is open and windy. The presence of wild life is something normal this part of the year. At least seven consecutive hours of non-stop training, at extremely cold weather. Crossing naked a frozen river is mandatory.

Date: 16.01.2011 (Sunday)

Location: Sm’kneno


08.00 hours – departure from Skopje

09.00 hours – arrival

09.00 -16.00 hours – theory and practice

17.00 return

Good luck!