Theme for 2011 / Happy holidays

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According to soke Masaaki Hatsumi`s directions, the theme for 2011 will be Kihon Happo. We are happy to hear that Bujinkan is dedicating it`s attention to the basics of the martial arts. That is something that our dojo has continuously payed attention to and considers most important.

As every year, Bujinkan Macedonia has it`s own internal theme, which is explored during the twelve months. In 2011, we decided to dedicate ourselves to the study of Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu (The school of the willow spirit).

The 2011 program of Bujinkan Macedonia is already on our page.


We would like to announce that the coming holidays, the School for martial arts Taiyou e no Michi along with the two dojos, Bujinkan Macedonia and Daito Ryu Macedonia will not be working on:

-Bujinkan Macedonia – 31st of December (2010) and 7th of January (2011) / First training sessions on the 3rd of January (2011).
-Daito Ryu Macedonia –  1st of January (2011) /  first training on the 8th of January (2011).

To all our members, we wish all the best in the new 2011. Also, a marry Christmas.

Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu!


30122010083359polaganje_2010-2.jpgYesterday, in the Hombu Dojo of Bujinkan Macedonia, we had a degree testing for student degrees.

The 9th kyu test was passed by Toshe A., Hristina S. and Frosina N., while the degree of 7th kyu was earned by Filip A., Gorjan S., Kosara P. and Iskra B. 

The 5th kyu test was passed by the students Maja I., Anton P., Tina D. and Katerina D.

Deserved, the 3rd kyu degree was earned by Darko B., Blagica S., Zoran T. and Manueal D., and the first kyu degree was earned by Marjan P. and Marko O.

For their effort, perseverance,  loyalty, regularity and love for the art and the dojo, commendation diplomas were granted to Anton P., Kosara P. and Filip A. Anton is the most regular student in the Bujinkan Macedonia dojo, from the day of it`s opening until today. Namely, from the 1st of January until yesterday, he hasn`t missed a single practice session.

This year, the certificates for support in the development of Bujinkan Ninjutsu in Macedonia were given to Aleksandar V. and Darko B. (all names are written shortened because of our respect to the privacy of our members).