Succesfully done outdoor Kenjutsu seminar

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21112010191728Koto54.jpgTowards the end of the forest region in the Mlaka location, on the very coast of Kriva river, was held a Kenjutsu seminar which was attended by six students of Bujinkan Macedonia. As always,
the practice session was serious and hard, and each of the students tried as hard as they could to learn as much as possible. Instructor Dovezenski went into the deepest details, explaining not only the technique, but also the idea and principle it carries. That kind of high level of explanation, as well as the dynamics of the techniques practiced, resulted in fatigue among the studens. However, neither the concetration needed to follow the lessons, nor the mental fatigue couldn`t conceal the amazement and enthusiasm from the seminar.

Differen body postures (kamae) were practiced, as well as
21112010191752Koto67.jpgdifferent slashing techniques (kiri waza), movement (tai sabaki and taihen) and fifteen kata that helped in understanding of this school better.

The sunny and calm november day, couldn`t have ended better – there was a small ceremony by which we celebrated the birthday of our student Iskra B., to whom instructor Dovezenski gave a calligraphy as a present – representing her warrior spirit and his wish to share the joy of this day with the rest of the membership of Bujinkan Macedonia.