Bujinkan in the kindergarten `Bambi`

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06102010111046deca12.jpgAs a part of the “Week of the children” manifestation, the senior students of Bujinkan Macedonia, Marjan Proshev and Marko Opachikj, visited the kindergarten `Bambi` in Skopje, where they introduced to and entertained the youngest with the traditional martial arts.

Proshev and Opachikj first explained the children about the history of the ninja and the samurai, followed by a demonstration of a few kata from the Bujinkan Ryu-Ha.
This concluded in a short training session, where the children were taught to roll (kaiten) and fall (ukemi). All this was presented in a naive and childish way, comprehensible and fun for their age.

The training ended with answers to the many questions asked
06102010111040deca11.jpgby the children, about ninja and samurai.

With this, our dojo made it`s contribution towards making the “Week of the children” better, and we remain to stay open towards any kind of help needed about the children of this country which are it`s future, as well as any vulnerable categories of this society.