Jubilee celebration

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13072010005008Proslava-1.jpgTo honor the occasion of 15 years since the founding of the school for classical Japanese martial arts Taiyou e no Michi / Bujinkan Macedonia, yesterday in the halls of our dojo we had a celebration which was attended by our present, as well as our former organization members.

It was wonderful to see how the students are connected  with each other and see true friendship among them. The atmosphere was great, thanks to the band made solely of dojo members.
Bujinkan Macedonia continues with it’s work. Our basic goal is still the study of Japanese martial arts, as a way to improve an individual, advance his morals, build up honest, righteous and hard-working human beings, who are ready at all times, to make themselves available for the advancement of our society and state. Improving our dedication, patience and faithfulness – all that which can make us better in the future.

In the end, we would like to thank our students which are brave enough to walk the Path. Especially big gratitude to our member Alexander V., a man who after years of being a great friend, can still surprise with his friendship. He is a great example to our younger students regarding how friendship is supposed to be made.

We’re going onward. No loose ends left.