Yumi to ya (bow and arrows) outdoor seminar

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29042010014822yumiya09.jpgOn 09.05.2010 (sunday), the school for classical martial arts Taiyou e no Michi / Bujinkan Macedonia is organizing a seminar in the outdoors with the theme Yumi Ya Jutsu (the art of using bow and arrows).

This art was mandatory to learn by the Japanese bushi (warriors) and was one of the most important up until the emergence of firearms (Tetupo). The use of bow and arrows remained popular after the 17th century as well, but during this period more in the lines of spiritual growth of the samurai. On the other hand, with the shinobi warriors, this weapon retained it’s practical usage because of it’s ease of creation and silence of usage.

During this seminar the ways to create bow and arrows will be studied, as well as the postures for shooting them. Besides that, the students will have the opportunity to learn what strategy to use in different situations.

On this seminar, we will study a new body posture (kamae) for shooting, as well as shooting with a crossbow.

Date: 09.05.2010 (sunday)

Location: Smkneno

08.00 hours – departure from Skopje
09.00 hours – arrival
10.00 -16.00 hours – theory and practice
16.30 hours – departure for Skopje

The seminar will take place with no regard to weather conditions.