Succesfully held Bojutsu seminar

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26042010010521Bojuts-3.jpgThere’s only one way to become good in martial arts. And that is by repeating every learned technique at least a thousand times. We at Bujinkan Macedonia know that for a long time and therefore yesterday’s seminar strictly adhered to that principle.

The seminar began with a good long march towards the place meant for practice.
We climbed uphill quickly, passing through dense bushes and forest. The spring always awakens the wild and sleeping world, so on the way we encountered two snakes – one of them poisonous. We also stumbled upon a huge ant nest, filled with eggs, which we used to have a little rest from the road.

26042010010454Bojuts-2.jpgDuring the seminar, all rokushaku bo body postures were studied (kamae no kata), as well as many strikes from them. Afterwards, we moved on to blocking, striking from a sitting stance and rolling with the bo.

As always, the seminars in nature are a great opportunity to enhance the physical condition and also to learn new nature survival techniques.

Everyone that has ever attended these seminars with instructor Igor Dovezenski, remember his lessons and teachings about how nature can be used to it’s maximum for our benefit – in case we need a hideout, or if for whatever reason we’re forced to survive in it’s surroundings.