Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu and Ono ha Itto Ryu Kenjutsu in Macedonia

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During the period between the 19th and 28th of March, the instructor of Bujinkan Macedonia, Igor Dovezenski, was visiting and training at his Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu and Ono ha Itto Ryu Kenjutsu (Takeda den) teacher, sensei Antonino Certa.

30032010063345daito3.jpgSensei Certa is the only gaijin (non-japanese) who in the history of these classic
samurai schools achieved the title Shihan (the highest title in these arts). He was a student of the 36th Soke, Tokimune Takeda, and later to Shigemitsu Kato as well, the successor of the Hombu Dojo of the Takeda family – Daitokan, in the city of Abashiri.
Sensei Antonino Certa is the president and chief instructor of the European Daito Ryu Aikibudo organization and also the only representative of (the japanse) Nihon Daito Ryu Aikibudo organization and teacher in charge of these schools outside Japan.

30032010063357daito4.jpgThe intensive training (which is held once a year) in the Hombu dojo of the European Daito Ryu Aikibudo organization, placed in Zerbolo (between Pavia and Vigevano), is very rigorous and demanding.
The training starts at 07.00 AM, and ends at 19.30 PM (with breaks for breakfast and lunch). During the practice, which is constantly supervised by Shihan Certa, the techniques and kata are studied in detail,
 30032010063408daito5.jpgthe same ways they were done in the Daitokan dojo. The working group is a small one, consisted only of chosen students, who in order to attend this intensive training are required to have at least a 2nd Dan in any Japanese martial art or to be a member of the organization. Bruises, wounds and pain are constantly present during the training, and the life in the dojo happens on the tatami (you sleep and practice here).

30032010063320daito1.jpgThe older students of sensei Igor Dovezenski, know for a long time about his wish to study Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu. That wish was finally fulfilled by being accepted as a personal student of the Shihan Antonino Certa, by which he became a representative (section) of that organization in Macedonia.

With that, in our country (as well as on the whole territory of the Balkans and South-eastern Europe), for the first time we have the possibility to study the wonderful world of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu and Ono ha Itto Ryu Kenjutsu, two classical japanese samurai schools. At first, in our section will inly be allowed students from the school of martial arts Taiyou e no Michi – Bujinkan Macedonia, an in the future, a public availability of this school is planned as well.

The name of our section for Daito Ryu Aikibudo is: Daito Macedonia Koryu Dojo, according to the wishes of our teacher, Antonino Certa.

30032010063332daito2.jpgBy opening a Daito Ryu section, we don’t intend to reduce our Bujinkan related activities. On the contrary, they always was and always will be an imperative for instructor Igor Dovezenski. Studying Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu and Onno ha Itto Ryu Kenjutsu, will only allow us to better understand classical Japanese martial arts, which are a great passion for the members of the martial arts school Taiyou e no Michi – Bujinkan Macedonia