Successfully held Gokui Ne Waza seminar

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24012010122451Grupnjak.jpgIn the Hombu dojo of Bujinkan Macedonia, under the guidance of the instructor Igor Dovezenski, was held a seminar with the theme Gokui Ne Waza (secrets of ground fighting).
The seminar had 21 attendants, who during the two days, studied techniques of unarmed combat in a sitting and laying down positions.

24012010122508Nevaza2.jpgThe seminar began with a short theoretical introduction to the history and techniques of Ne Waza, which was soon followed by some Taiso drills, followed by studying the Atemi Kyu Sho, Ukemi Taihenjutsu and Kamae.
The second session of the first day was dedicated to Osae Waza, tehcniques for holding and controlling the opponent.

The second day, during the first session, students had the opportunity of learning six techniques of joint locks, or Kansetsu Waza as well as many variants of those techniques.
The last session of the seminar was dedicated to choking techniques or Shime Waza. Instructor Dovezenski demonstrated nine of these, as well as a few of their variations.

24012010122500Nevaza1.jpgRegardless of the pain caused by the reality of the training, also from the hardness of the parquet of our Dojo, the students (almost all of them) successfully finished the seminar, satisfied with the techniques learned during these two days.