Successfully held woman self-defense workshop

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06122009142330DSC_1519.jpgUnder the guidance of the instructor Igor Dovezenski and with the assistance of senior students, Marjan Proshev and Bojana Grunevska, today we held a woman self-defense workshop, organized by the Ninjutsu Union Bujinkan Macedonia.

Besides the female members of our club, we had additional attendees, who never had an opportunity to train martial arts of any kind. After the workshop was over, they all agreed that the techniques they learned here are completely useful an efficient.

The workshop began by studying the psychology
 06122009142308DSC_1505.jpgof the male attacker, as well as the means and places at which it is most probable for an attack to happen over girls and women in whole. Afterwards we moved on to training techniques through different scenarios, like hand-to-hand attack, grappling as well as tries of ground submission in attempt of rape. The girls had an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the body positions which allow an easy defense and also, those that „close“ the opportunities of action.

It was wonderful to teach such a group, which was
 06122009142316DSC_1514.jpgstrongly willing to learn the ways and techniques of self-defense. Even though the training was physically hard and tiresome, physically and  mentally, the attendants showed great determination and talent by which they easily mastered all the techniques shown. During the entire training session, they were smiling and happy with what they learned, which of course, a great motivation for us to continue working and organizing Workshops dedicated to self-defense of the members of the gentler sex, who today showed that with little effort, if needed, they can become the stronger sex.