Successfully finished BuYu Kai seminar

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Another successfully finished seminar organized by Bujinkan Macedonia. This time held by our friend from the Czech Republic, Filip Bartos.

Even though we had about 30 attendees announced to come for the seminar (most of which from the neighboring countries), at the last moment16112009015238Bartos_4.jpg they cancelled their attendance as a result of the surfacing and spreading of the swine flu in our country.  Nevertheless, that didn’t change the determination to come of the fifteen students of Bujinkan Macedonia to study the school Shinden Fudo Ryu Jutaijutsu. During the two days, we went through all the kata from the three levels of this Ryu Ha: Shoden, Chuden and Okuden. 
The Master Filip Bartos unselfishly shared his knowledge with our students, who with great16112009015230Bartos_3.jpg passion practiced the near sixty kata of this old school, which is rich with throwing techniques (nage waza).

As always, the socializing was wonderful, the spirits in the dojo cheerful – and during the free time, we didn’t miss to pay a visit to Skopje’s restaurants and coffee shops, renowned for their great food and ambient.
Thanks to all who were there.